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New Era Vocational Education was established in the year of 2012 and the college’s registration had been approved by Malaysia’s Department of Skills Development (JPK) in 2016. It was renamed as New Era Vocational and Continuing Education (NEIVCE) then. For the past 10 years, NEIVCE has been determined to provide the best vocational education for our students. To keep pace with Industry 4.0 development, starting from year 2020, we have developed from initially two faculties (vocational education and advanced vocational education) to four major faculties, including “Department of Innovation and Technology” , “Department of Creative Media and Beauty Studies” ,“Department of Smart Industries and Hospitality” and “Department of Enterprise Development and Professional Training” . Our choices of courses are diversified, covering more than 30 vocational fields and we are also promoting education and entrepreneurial transformation faculties. We aim to provide students more choices and options by expanding the number of faculties.

New Era Institute of Vocational and Continuing Education is a registered vocational training college registered under Malaysia’s Department of Skills Department (JPK) and is also a professional industrial and promotional training centre authorised by Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) or Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PBSM) under Malaysia’s Human Resources Ministry. We are an authorised franchised training centre under the Social Security Organisation Malaysia (PERKESO). In 2021, we have achieved another milestone after obtaining approval by Malaysia Board of Technologies’ Approved Training Provider (ATP) to open courses for Technological Techniques Field’s CPD skills upgrading courses for Information Technology professionals.

NEIVCE has obtained certification by Skills Malaysia. Skills Malaysia is a world-class recognised certification accredited by numerous domestic and international governmental and professional education societies as an authorised vocational training center. This is equivalent to the quality recognition being on the same level with education in the United Kingdom accredited by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL). Institutions involved in the recognition include West College Scotland, UK and UK-based OTHM Qualification, NCC Education, Qualifi Ltd., Awards for the Training and Higher Education (ATHE) and Institute of Leadership & Management, UK. NEIVCE is an authorised academy provider by CompTIA – the Computing Technology Industry Association, providing various Informational Technology Professional Courses, including Information Network Technology, Cloud Computing, the Internet, Information Network Security, and other ICT courses. NEIVCE is also an accredited academy co-operation partner by SIEMENS and UBTech (A world leading Artificial Intelligence and Robotics technology organisation). This provides students more choices to participate in world-recognised technology courses for their further study plans.


New Era Institute of Vocational and Continuing Education has more than 40 vocational majors in five departments, providing diversified courses in line with international trends, cultivating excellent technical talents for small and medium-sized enterprises, to meet the development trend of domestic and foreign market demand in the future.


The course involves two major categories of software engineering and Internet infrastructure, which are subdivided into artificial intelligence, video game virtual technology, big data science, e-commerce, network technology, hacking technology, etc. Cooperate with teaching and introduce advanced equipment. At present, the Department of Innovation and Technology Development has an artificial intelligence and Internet of Things research room. This advanced training room is equipped with a variety of high-tech equipment, including industrial robots, service robots, AI Drone equipment, RFID, all kinds of IoT equipment, more than 100 kinds of Smart Sensors equipment, all kinds of Raspberry Pi equipment, Arduino equipment, data science technology, VR/AR virtual equipment, combined with CNC, Milling, 3D printers, etc.



The courses are divided into logistics management, digital marketing, leisure tourism, indoor aquatic products/mariculture, smart agricultural technology, bartending and baking arts, airline cabin service and hotel operation skills, vehicle maintenance technology and other majors. In co-operation with teaching, the department also has a number of practical classrooms. Students practice in simulated classrooms and professional scenes (aircraft cabin classrooms, coffee and bartender rooms, roasting rooms, marine farms, etc.), and gain professional learning effects.



Include multimedia design and professional beauty courses, subdivided into photography and film and audio-visual production technology, product design, commercial design, creative hair, creative makeup, and beauty therapy. Vocational education should carry out practice training and industry-institution cooperation in actual practical, learn technical creative thinking in the process of technology teaching, and shape character in the process of self-grinding. Through the curriculum design of the institute, technical graduates can also have a number of technical certifications issued by professional institutions, which will increase future market competition and employment advantages.



The Department of Enterprise Development and Professional Training’s unique spirit of inheritance of Chinese education, combined with advanced practical management thinking, opens a channel for on-the-job advanced education and second-specialty education for Chinese SMEs. In addition, the Department of Enterprise Development and Professional Training also provides an interactive bridge as a platform for Malaysian Chinese SMEs to connect and communicate, alongside promote the latest understanding of the development of various industries by participating in various workshops, symposiums, and corporate visits. To further create characteristics, New Era Institute of Vocational and Continuing Education has also successfully carried out the development of aquaculture and agricultural sciences to meet the future development trend of domestic and foreign market demand.



In response to the human resource needs of industrial development, this course cultivates skilled and complex engineering and technical personnel. Courses cover electromechanical, industrial product design, and mechanical design and manufacturing. The courses of this department focuses on the practical ability of students. The teaching equipment has professional practice classrooms and venues. The skills learned by the students meet the needs of the workplace, mastering knowledge and skills that must be require by the manufacturing industry. Student become professional CNC machine tool operation technicians, CNC machine tool programming technicians, Mechanical design engineers or product drawing and designers, etc., to enter the workplace after graduation and have unlimited development space.


As the government’s policy gradually tends towards the certification of vocational professions, in the future, in addition to mastering professional skills, practitioners in all walks of life must also hold a piece of certification to occupy a seat in the fiercely competitive market. In March 2020, the Department of Enterprise Development and Professional Training was newly established focusing on the SKM/DKM via PPT program, assisting those who have many years of practical experience without a diploma to obtain SKM/DKM based on their work experience (according to the 3-year work Portfolio SKM certification and DKM diploma). In 2020, the fields of preschool education and postpartum nurses have been developed, and in 2021, the fields of machinery, automobile maintenance, and motorcycle maintenance will be developed. In line with advanced practical management thinking, New Era Institute of Vocational and Continuing Education is committed to opening access to on-the-job training and second-specialty education for the SMEs.


The original intention of the New Era Institute of Vocational and Continuing Education to launch technical and vocational courses is to seek learning opportunities for young children, and education is an indispensable part of the road. Our courses are taught in accordance with their aptitude, considering the learning conditions and absorptive capacity of students, and strive to transfer knowledge and skills with appropriate teaching methods. The concept of this “80-16-2-99” is: the course design is 80% practical, 20% theory; the admission qualification is 16 years old or above; the medium of instruction is 2 kinds – mainly Chinese, English is Secondary; 99% employment opportunities are provided after graduation.

Ninety-nine percent of the employment rate has dropped by 1%. It is not that they are not fully taken care of, but another phenomenon that is encouraging. After being exposed to appropriate curriculum design and guidance, students can mobilize their enthusiasm for learning and self-confidence, and improve themselves. The willingness of the first floor, the college therefore cooperates with more than 80 foreign colleges and universities to provide channels for further education, such as Chung Hua University, Taiwan; China University of Technology, Taiwan; Beijing Vocational College of Labour and Social Security, China; Guangdong Jidian Polytechnic, China; Changzhou Industrial Vocational and Technical College, China; Sunshine College of Fuzhou University, China; University of Central Lancashire, UK; Buckinghamshire New University, UK; University of Bolton, UK; University of Chichester, UK;  Arden University, UK  etc.

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